To celebrate the upcoming release of new french horror flick
We have compiled our list of the TOP FIVE French horror films of all time.


Gory Zombie killing action.
Franck Jimenez (Aurelien Recoing) is a Parisian police officer dealing with the death of his partner, Mathias Rivoallan. Jimenez suspects that Rivoallan was murdered by a group of ruthless gangsters led by the Markudis Brothers, Adewale (Eriq Ebouaney) and Bola (Doudou Masta), who operate out of a decaying housing project on the outskirts of town. Rivoallan's wife is also convinced the Murkudis pulled the trigger, and so Jimenez brings together a handful of fellow cops to enact their own personal justice against the mobsters.  However, when the cops launch their vigilante raid, they met with  a pack of blood hungry zombies.


Show at 2010's frightfest this creature feature style horror will chill you to the bone.

A young female traveler, Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne) gets into a fight with a group of bikers. After this, she meets Max, a hitchhiker. The two stop off at La Spack, a rundown roadside eatery run by a woman (Yolande Moreau), after whom the restaurant is named. The biker gang reappears and is chased off by the owner of the restaurant. Moments later, Max vanishes after heading to the bathroom. Charlotte elects to investigates at nightfall to the spot where Max disappeared. Charlotte later finds herself bound and caged, a prisoner of La Spack, who sees her as the next meal for her brood

3. Martyrs

One of the most disturbing film i have watched in years. Instead of giving the plot away just go and watch it!!


THEM is basically the film THE STRANGERS was based on. A well directed and acted film.

Clementine and her boyfriend Lucas live a peaceful life in a large house in an idyllic rural community. But one night as the darkness covers them they are tormented by a gang of hooded thugs.


One of the best french horror films i have ever seen. A slasher film like no other, check out the review at the bottom of the review pages.

Two friends, Marie and Alex set off to Alex's parent's secluded homestead in the country for relaxation and a chance to study. When night falls, however, the tranquillity of their location is shattered as Alex is bound and taken away. Marie manages to escape the intruder, but can she save her friend's life in time?